Interdependences between humanity and the biosphere
Perennial planetary balances and the wellbeing of human societies

Becoming aware of the extent and complexity of interdependences between humanity and the biosphere, of the irreversibility of processes triggered by technological choices, becoming aware of and assuming our shared responsibilities with respect to the planet, such is the condition for humankind’s survival and progress.

Safeguarding environmental goods, which are common goods, and living conditions on Earth for ourselves and future generations is only possible (this is easily seen in climate change) if everyone, whether an individual, an economic player or a state, assumes responsibility for their impact on everyone else. This is not currently the case. Nobody is held responsible for the sea-level rise threatening the Pacific islands with pure and simple disappearance.

Our responsibility extends well beyond human societies to all forms of life on Earth, because clearly, the interest of the human species coincides with that of all other forms of life, so safeguarding nature is the indispensable condition for our own survival. Further yet, the solidarity of man’s and nature’s destinies (of which we have become aware through danger) also makes us rediscover that the dignity of nature is sovereign and commands us to respect its integrity beyond its utilitarian aspect.

Through which processes and choices (political, social, and technological) can we contribute to ensure the sustainability of the planet’s balances in connection with the wellbeing of human societies?

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