Creation of the Video Campaign Manifesto Lima to Paris

Project in Edu-communication on Responsibility

Isis Maria de Palma Augusto, September 2016

The video described the creation of the Lima to Paris Manifesto to encourage people to petition their support for the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities ahead of COP21. Distributed in Portuguese, Spanish and French with subtitles in 4 languages including English, the video was publicized through the A-Respons and AVAAZ websites and promoted via newspapers, magazines, blogs, Facebook and emailed to over 7,000 recipients. The video contributed to over 100 people signing their support of the Lima to Paris Manifesto and was also used as part of the curriculum for the Responsibility, Climate Change and COP course through the Virtual Institute of Responsibility Studies in Spanish, another A-Respons project.

Case study period: 2014-2016

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