Betsan Martin

Member of the Alliance


Betsan is Chair of the International Alliance for Responsibility and Sustainable Societies, focusing on social and economic transitions to accord with human interdependence and with earth’s ecosystems.

As Director of RESPONSE Trust, Betsan collaborates with the University of Waikato and partner organizations for RCE Waikato, a United Nations University Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development. This is a cross disciplinary collaborative initiative which includes partnering with tangata whenua/ Māori and Pacific representatives. There are 140 RCE’s world-wide.

In organizational work Betsan works with national and international organizations such as IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). She is Co-Chair of ECO (Environment and Conservation Organizations), and she is Co-ordinator of Methodist Public Issues. A special interest in water governance and provision is an entry point for regional interests, given the context of the Pacific region.

Betsan’s academic research in ethics and responsibility provide a theme across her work in social, environmental and economic areas; it takes inspiration from the principles of a Charter for Human Responsibility. Publications areas include water governance, Responsibility and Ethics, Education for Sustainability, Responsibility in Law



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