Proposal for Alliance for Responsability and sustainable societies

Sudha Sreenivasa Reddy, Neetu Sharma, December 2016

The program in the forthcoming period seeks to build on the work being done in the Indian subcontinent/South Asia in two different but complementary directions. While one has defined the strategic orientation, the other has lent contextual relevance to the interventions in South Asia.

On the strength of the extensive experience of one and a half decades and momentum of the processes related to evolution of international reference text on responsibility, concerted efforts have been made to ensure that the processes at the international level also percolate at the national, sub regional and regional level.

The objectives and the corresponding actions to achieve these objectives in the next three years have been articulated as following:

  • Building capacities and generating awareness among a range of stakeholders on the‘concept of responsibility and its operationalization in various fields’

  • Evolution of legal text for proposals to be made at national and regional level

  • Strengthening of the ALLIANCE through partnership building and expansion of the network

  • Reviving and supporting ‘UDHRes’ processes

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