Manifesto for a global citizenship education

Ten billion human beings: To live together, let’s change education!

Paris education collective 2015, November 2015

Education for global citizenship

We are at a point in history at which climate changes and the human tragedies which stem from them (refugees, droughts, floods, increased vulnerability of food production…) are intersected by a succession of other crises: the crises of our economic and democratic models, a crisis in ethics, a crisis in the viability of our international institutions and in the relations between population groups…. What is most at stake today - upon which the very future of mankind and of the Earth depends - centres on the human being, what he and she will become and what he and she will be capable of assuming as a massive project for all humanity. What education must we offer our children in order that these hitherto unthinkable realities can be resolutely faced tomorrow rather than humanity itself plunging into violence and wilfully tearing the planet to pieces?

The Paris-education 2015 Collective has brought together educationalists, organizational leaders and politicians working for the integration of education into the Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21) and the following.

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