La Fabrique des Transitions



La Transitions Factory is a French experience initiated by four local authorities in France, Loos-en-Gohelle, Le Mené, Malaunay and Grande Synthe.

It’s an alliance of actors and networks:

  • very diverse in nature: local authorities, civil society organizations, businesses, resource centers, research and training centers, agencies and state structures;

  • united by the conviction that local territories are major players in the transition to sustainable societies;

  • having the will to pool their experiences and their reflections and to put them at the service of the territories which want to engage in a global process of transition;

  • sharing the ambition to bring about a change of scale in the transformations underway.

On the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic, this alliance published a call to share its principles and modes of action so that the post-containment world takes profit from the lessons learned during the hygienic crisis. This call was signed by a hundred people and organizations until the end of April 2020.