Module to promote an ethic of responsibility in social protection

Thierry Weishaupt, December 2016

Social protection is one of the most important basis on which to build sustainable societies:

  • it gives citizens a minimum “floor” of protection and recognition of their rights, to ensure their dignity/ empowerment, and capacity to take part in social, economic and cultural life,

  • it ensures that the whole society can engage in a sustainable development, combining social balance and economic dynamism, and contributing to peace and sense of solidarity in the communities.

Project work

Education is at the core of the program we would like to develop as a pilot in Colombia and then enlarge in other regions / countries. We would develop following tools :

  • core messages on responsibility for the program : “values and principles”

  • development of education resources to work on responsibility with young people

  • communication tools to sensibilize people, as a result of the education program.

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