The long term commitment of FPH to the global ethics and the Charter of Universal responsabilities

Pierre CALAME, 2012

In the mid eighties, FPH launched an international think tank called the Vezelay group, tackling with the major issues of our time. In it first report, in 1987, the group highlighted the idea of a great transition to come which would concern our vision of the world and our institutions. One key point was the need to agree on some common issues with the different societies of the planet, although the major differences in level of development would make it very difficult. We also understood that everybody was talking of a global village but there was not such thing as there was, at the global level, neither institutions or laws nor the conscience of belonging to a global community. If a global community was to be built, how to build it, how to found it ? Neither on a shared history nor on shared beliefs. It could only be built on common values and on common challenges.

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