Towards a responsible and inclusive global society

a book on responsibility by Pierre Calame to be published soon

Pierre CALAME, January 2020

“Responsibility is at the heart of relationships. A community is defined as the group of people who recognize a mutual responsibility, the duty of each person to take into account the impact of his or her actions on the other members of the community. But over the centuries there have been two contradictory movements: the contours of responsibility have narrowed at the very moment when the scale and scope of interdependencies between individuals, between societies, between humanity and the biosphere were radically changing, making the whole of humanity a community of destiny. We see the consequences today: while the responsibility of each actor is limited, the irresponsibility of companies has become unlimited! No one is responsible for developments which, as we can see with the climate, nevertheless threaten the very survival of humanity.”

Excerpt from the book “Towards a responsible and inclusive global society” by Pierre Calame, honorary President of the Foundation Charles léopold Mayer in France, due to be published in spring 2020, in French (Editions Charles Léopold Mayer)

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