Video - Climate and Responsibility

Isis Maria de Palma Augusto, May 2017

This video, produced by Isis de Palma au Brazil, aims to present the challenges faced by humanity to stabilize the climate on the planet in the coming years. The background is the COPs, especially the agreement signed in Paris in 2015, its implementation discussed in Marrakesh in 2016 and the obstacles in the way. The video focuses on the efforts of the Alliance that indicate the urgency of all sectors of society to assume their share of Responsibilities facing this challenge.

Isis de Palma, Núcleo de Médias Artes e Tecnologias – Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Member of the Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies.

Download the Subtitles « COP21 Climate Responsibility » Video.

telechargement audio_2_english_video-_finalizado.pdf (260 KiB)