Environmental Education. 6 proposals for action by citizens.

a book published in 2002 in 6 languages

Yolanda ZIAKA, Philippe Robichon, Christian Souchon, September 2001

An essential aim of Environmental Education is to train responsible citizens

« Our planet is currently suffering from three concomitant fractures: that between human beings and nature, between humans beings and other human beings, and that between societies ». This is the analysis set out in (the Platform for a responsible, plural and united world} and it constituted the basis of the approach used in this booklet.

Environmental Education should not only make humankind more aware of the breakdown of natural balances: by denouncing devastating, greedy and suicidal economic and technological practices; it must include training for behaving responsibly and for taking action. It must achieve this in the perspective of citizenship education.

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Published by The Charles-Leopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind