Systematizing the process of building the Charter of inhabitant’s responsabilities

Cristina Reynals, October 2016

The Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies (founded in 2003)is an evolution on the “Charter of Human Responsibility” programme put forward by the “Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World” (1993-2002). The Charter programme (December, 2001) also gave rise to the “Forum of Ethics & Responsibilities” (FER), launched in 2009.

In October 2014, key members of the FER met in La Bergerie to discuss their state of affairs and create a plan of action. The « Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies » was the result of this process.

Given their shared long-term goals, vision and strategy, it was agreed that a “Charter of Inhabitant’s Responsibilities” –coordinated by Cristina Reynals and the Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies –would be drafted in 2016.

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