Responsibility and migration

A triple Andean border: Bolivia, Chile, Peru. Document available in Spanish

Ricardo Jimenez Ayala, November 2015

This triple Andean border is a space united by geography, multiple exchanges, and the common interests of its populations. At the same time it is also a physical and symbolic territory cut across by inequality, exclusion and resentment.

Harnessing the first and mitigating the second requires an adapted approach to three distinct but inseparably interconnected strategic themes: South American regional integration; overcoming the old Chilean-Peruvian-Bolivian conflicts that are still affecting the situation today; and migratory public policy.

Part of the challenge lies in understanding the local realities, cross-border ones in particular, and articulating them with national public policies in the context of regional-integration and globalization processes. Cross-border migrations appear as a crucial and decisive component to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities. The present work is intended to contribute to this essential reflection.

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