Toward a Great Ethics Transition

A Great Transition Initiative Forum

February 2020

Toward a Great Ethics Transition: The Earth Charter at Twenty

A discussion forum initiated by the ‘Great Transition Initiative’, on February 2020.

« A Great Transition must rise on core ehtical values attuned to an interdependent world facing a common destiny. What are the elements of this foundation, and how do we build it? »

Contributions by

  • Brendan Mackey: Toward a Great Ethics Transition: The Earth Charter at Twenty. Opening reflections for a GTI forum & Response to Comments.

  • Ron Engel: It Takes a Movement

  • J. Baird Callicott: The Evolutionary Basis for Ethics

  • Olivia Bina: Focus on Deep Drivers

  • Luis Cabrera: Reasserting Moral Cosmopolitanism

  • Kavita Byrd: Capitalism and Ethics: Cutting to the Chase

  • Ian Angus: Profit vs. Ethics

  • Mary Evelyn Tucker

  • Richard Falk

  • Gwendolyn Hallsmith

  • Jeremy Lent

  • Kathryn Sikkink

  • Steven Rockefeller

  • Joel Kassiola

  • Roger Gottlieb,

  • Roz Savage,

  • Gwendolyn Hallsmith


Great transition Initiative

Discussion Forum on ‘Great Ethics Transition’