Singh Shah Madhavi



Dr. Madhavi Singh Shah is professor of Economics, in Central Department, Tribhuvan University, in Kathmandu, Nepal. She delivered her roles and responsibilities as a Head of the Central Department of Economics during 2005 to 2008. Her area of specialization is Gender and Development. She has been able to earn a good experience in social issues and aspects conducting research / study and working with various NGOs & INGOs in the concerning area. She is founder chair-person of a research based Social organization “Rahat / Nepal” initiated and working in Nepal for Gender Equity, Good Governance and social justice etc. She is eagerly and ardently committed to the notion of Ethics/ Responsibility, as well as driving and facilitating the agenda forward in Nepal since 2008 through the series of actions and initiatives that have been accomplished by Rahat/ Nepal. She is the Co-coordinator of Rights and Responsibilities Collective, Nepal, (jointly initiated by Rahat and FESA, India), in Nepal since 2012.