Workshop « Climate Chance » :The responsibility of businesses and investors in terms of the climate challenge

Summet « Climate Chance », september 26-28 2016, in Nantes, France

Neetu Sharma, septiembre 2016

Many workshops took place there for 3 days including one, animated by Alliance for responsible and sustainable societies among others.

Presentation of the workshop:

The commitment made by economic stakeholders, investors and businesses is a crucial component of the fight against climate change, in particular through the deployment of CSR principles. However, will these voluntary commitments suffice to challenge the practices inherent to the process of economic and financial globalisation, which actively exacerbate climate change?


Moderators: Luca d’Ambrosio and Katia Martin Chenut

Speakers :

  • Luca d’Ambrosio, Research Fellow at the Collège de France

  • Kathia Martin-Chenut,Research Fellow at CNRS, France

  • Jacques Richard, Professor at the Paris-Dauphine University, France

  • Sébastien Thevoux-Chabuel, officer in charge of ethics issues, COMGEST, Franc

  • Yann Queinnec, Director of Affectio Mutandi, France

  • Suren Erkman, Lausanne University, Switzerland

  • Anne-Christine Favre, professor of environmental law at the Lausanne University Faculty of Law, Switzerland

  • Neetu Sharma, Programme Head, Right to Food Centre for Child and the Law (CCL), India